• Full shielded extremity fixed buckle three pieces plug with EMI protection, Our exclusive design big insert hole ,Can accept ∅1.30mm option with liner & sled, meeting performance specification of Cat6A and Cat7 require. suitable for use big overall diameter∅8.50.
    • 全包銅殼末端固定扣,本公司獨家設計蕊線孔特大,可穿入∅1.30之蕊線,內孔加大,配合固定扣,可充份固定線材,適用大蕊線,大外徑線材,外徑可至∅8.50,經實際組立測試可達Cat6A的規範要求,如線材特性優良,預估可達Cat7的要求。
    •  TEST REPORT 測試報告


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