• Advantage:

    • The cable diameter from Ø5.50mm to Ø8.50mm, and there are up to seven selectable cable diameter。
    • Special anti slip design on shrapnel pressing point and under the SR Cover。
    • Hollow design shrapnel cover, good strength, pushing effort。 
    • Can be used with all RJ45 PLUG 。


    • 最小適用孔徑Ø5.50mm最大適用孔徑達Ø8.50mm,並有多達7種孔徑可選擇。
    • 彈片按壓點及護套下方有特殊的防滑設計。
    • 彈片保護蓋採中空設計,強度佳,按壓省力。
    • 可搭配所有的RJ45 PLUG使用。

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